Here are some of the most imortant travelling tips you need.

Travelling and going for adventures around the word is not something we were born with and as such there are some pros and cons to this activities. At this page what Viagens Africa Safaris and Safaris is doing is to educate and give you tips on some of the important things you should do when going on a Safari or basically travelling.


  • Pack light - You really don't need to pack alot of stuff when on tour infact pack half of what you'll think you'll wear. You do not want to find your self with alot of luggage on a safari.
  • Always carry a Camera or rather a phone with a good camera - Cameras come in handy in capturing magical moments on your safari. Always ensure you have one.
  • Buy or wear good hardy shoes - This applies especially when going on a safari where there is alot of walking, , mountain climbing and such. having shoes that easily wear off or get torn will leave you disappointed.
  • Pack a towel - You never know when you will need it, whether it’s at the beach, on a picnic, or just to dry off. While many hotels offer towels, it is good practice to always carry your own.
  • Always carry a lock - To always be safe always remember to carry your own lock to keep your belongings safe , a combination lock is better compared to using a key one because once you lose your key it becomes a problem.
  • Make extra copies of your passport and important documents - You never know what might happen during your Safari. A copy of your important documents is really important.
  • Carry emergency cash - Remember to carry emergency cash, sometimes emergencies might happen and having towithdraw cash becomes an issue, having some cash with is always a smart option.
  • Be patient - You need to understand that travel is about the journey and not the destination. So there is no need to rush.
  • Carry a jacket - It tends to get cold in Tours. A jacket or sweater comes in handy.
  • Don’t overplan your trip - Its better to let your day unfold by itself, overplanning can get stressful. Plan for a few hours of your day and let the rest just happen.
  • Get vaccinated - To avoid catching some illness in a foreign country at your Safari, get vaccinated. But still some countries require that you get vaccinated in order to visit them so sometimes you just have to.
  • Keep your gaurd up - Some people do bite, strangers might take advantage of you, so keep a healthy level of suspicion.
  • Be open to strangers - Regardless not everyone bites say hi to strangers and turn them to friends, you never know yu might just make some life long friends..
  • There are some of important tips to help you in your next tour os Safari, contact us for any inquiries

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